The Worker is a very special unit that has abilities not possessed by any other unit. Workers are the expanders and workers of your Dungeon and they have lots of important tasks and jobs to do. Workers do things like mining out terrain, claiming grounds, summoning constructions, hauling things and much more. The Worker's health is weak, so it is important to make sure they don't run into enemies or hostile traps. Workers can defend themselves if they need to, but their attacks are very weak and they can rarely kill tougher enemies, though Workers are strong enough to go against enemy Workers. In every beginning match and round, you begin with Worker units, no matter what. They're extremely essential and you really can't build anything or do anything without them. Unlike other units, they will also respawn near the Core of the Dungeon rather than Gateways. Workers do not eat but they do sleep, though sleeping is not required for the Workers. Workers also respawn way faster than other units.