The Wooden Door is a defence available in the Veins of Evil.

Construction Edit

The Wooden Door costs 1000 Gold and requires one defence part.

Description Edit

The most basic defense in your dungeon comes in the form of a wooden door. While it is cheap and will automatically block any unwanted visitors, the only thing that the wooden door will be able to reliably keep out of your dungeon are enemy workers, who will hammer their little fists against it in impotent rage like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. For actual combat-trained enemies, however, this door will not be a serious obstacle.

Due to it's low price, the wooden door also is the most reasonable option to prevent your minions (and especially overly curious workers) from going to places where you don't want them to.

'The Wooden Door will slow the advance of your enemy for a short time, however it can also be used to prevent your minions from wandering into haunted corridors... or private baths.'
- Mendechaus, introducing the Wooden Door.