The Wooden Door is a defence available in the Veins of Evil.

Construction Edit

The Wooden Door costs 1000 gold and requires two defence parts.

Description Edit

The Wooden Door is a weak defence, but useful for controlling the movement of your own creatures. With only a modest 2500 hit points, it cannot survive attack for an extensive amount of time. In fact, it be more worthwhile to use a Blade Lotus instead, which will prevent access and damage foes. However, the Wooden Door can be toggled which close and lock the door, denying access for both the enemy and your own creatures which can be useful in some cases. Overall, it isn't the most useful defence with its modest durability, its inability to damage enemies and the fact that it can only be placed between two walls but, hey, it's better than nothing!

'The Wooden Door will slow the advance of your enemy for a short time, however it can also be used to prevent your minions from wandering into haunted corridors... or private baths.'
- Mendichaus, introducing the Wooden Door.

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