For centuries the shamanistic tribes have been ruled by the mysterious Witch Doctor, for he who is chosen by him lives a kind of eternal life. Harnessing the experiences of perished allies and foes the Witch Doctor is capable of channeling them into a new vessel, granting memories, skills, and knowledge between generations. It is rumoured that the first to harness this power still lives on in the current leader of the tribes — if true his knowledge and power are inestimable.

In combat the Witch Doctor will give nearby allies increased experience and heal their wounds. He may also channel his own knowledge into a single ally, granting them greatly increased damage and movement speed in addition to having the power to raise a fallen ally back to life. However, this formidable supporting arsenal comes at a cost of having no offensive capabilities.


Attracted by: Edit

Spirit Chamber


  • Foresight: Friendly units near the Witch Doctor gain experience at an increased rate.


  • Renewing Chant: Heals a friendly unit for a small amount of health. Very short cooldown.
  • Invigorate: Empowers a single friendly unit, greatly increasing its damage and movement speed for a short period of time.
  • Resurgence (Special): Revives a single friendly unit.