Mechanics Edit

  • Sins are used to unlock Aspects within the Veins of Evil, which can come in the form of Rooms, Defenses, Spells, Rituals, Potions, or Upgrades. A player will start with three (3) Sins and will passively receive more over time at an ever-decreasing rate. A player can increase their rate of unlocking Sins by having his units research in an Archive.
  • The Veins of Evil have a common entry point: The Roots. One of three rooms must be chosen within The Roots before moving on to unlock Aspects within Sloth, Greed, or Wrath.
  • Each Vein has two core rooms. These core rooms can be upgraded as a player progresses through the Vein, providing additional functionality to all instances of that room at no additional gold cost.

Additionally, your workers will gain passive bonuses for every point you invest in the Veins of Evil:

  • Investing points in Wrath will increase the speed at which your workers dig & claim tiles, as well as giving them increased health.
  • Investing points in Greed will increase your workers gold capacity and dig rate, as well as giving them increased movement speed.
  • Investing points in Sloth will increase the speed at which your workers fortify & repair walls, as well as giving them increased attack damage.

Players can invest in multiple Veins and will have access to additional "mixed" aspects:

Wrath & Greed
Sloth & Greed

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