Unique Chunders are special Chunders that appear in the Crucible, and in My Pet Dungeon.

List of Chunders Edit

  • Chunderling: Chunderlings are small, weak Chunders whose parents chowed on nothing very interesting. They are nothing special, except for the fact that they're half the size of a normal Chunder.
  • Chunderoid: A Chunder that ate boulders for breakfast. They're three times larger than a normal Chunder, and have a very dark grey skin.
  • Badass Flying Chunder: A Chunder whose parents ate too many Bafus. These chunders sprouted an entire Bafu's body behind their heads, becoming able of flying.
  • Chilli Chunder: The Chilli Chunders' parents ate rather a lot of, surprise, surprise, chilli peppers. Their internal juices burn with the fire of a thousand suns... or rather, peppers. Their bodies are bright orange and flaming.
  • Chilly Chunder: The exact opposite of the Chilli Chunder, their parents must've eaten rather a lot of ice-cream. Their bodies are white, with an icy mist surrounding them.
  • Crystal Chunder: A breed of Chunder whose parents ate an Inhibitor's crystals. Their bony heads have become crystalline, their bodies are bluish and their eyes glow.
  • Golden Chunder: Twice as large as a Chunderoid, with an even larger crown on top of its bony head. Their bodies are completely golden.