The Royal Divine Lord and Duke, the All-Righteous Tubo Magnanimous of Phaestus (the name that dear old Tubo has given himself) is the Duke of Phaestus and the final boss of Heart of Gold campaign.


Tubo Magnanimous, the Duke of Phaestus.

Tubo Magnanimous is the Duke of Phaestus and the last defence against Kasita when she tries to ...acquire his beloved source of gold income, the Heart of Gold. He wears golden armour and wields a winged staff that doubles as an axe. He is a Juggernaut boss, a position he shares with Sir Roussimoff.

Like Emperor Lucius, he cowers in his throne room, accompanied by a handful of soldiers. The throne room is protected by a magical barrier powered by some Inhibitors build by Tubo's daughter, Aetna.

The Inhibitors must be destroyed in order to confront the Duke. After his defeat, he drops to the ground and the vault containing the Heart of Gold will become accessible.


Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, Tubo does not die immediately upon his defeat. He is presumably wounded and knocked out, coming too just in time to see the colossus (whom he mistakes for the goddess Kira) enter the vault before being turned to gold by Kasita.

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