Torture Chamber

The Torture Chamber allows you to corrupt or execute minions, and attracts the Succubus. The torture racks can be set to Corrupt or Execute. Drop an enemy unit from your Prison onto one of the racks to bind that unit to the rack.

Beasts, Titans, and Undead cannot be placed on a torture rack.

Corrupt Mode Edit

Torture room1

Enemy tortured in the Torture Chamber.

In Corrupt mode, an enemy unit will be converted to your side over a period of time. Progress is indicated in a tooltip when hovering the mouse cursor over the device. Corrupt only progresses when a Succubus operates the device. 

Execute Mode Edit

In execute mode, an enemy or friendly minion is executed and transformed into a Spirit, a very fast but short-lived scout unit which is invulnerable and invisible to the enemy. The device can operate in execute mode without being operated by a Succubus. Note that even if the device is in corrupt mode, it will always execute a friendly minion placed on it.