Titans are special units that appear in War for the Overworld.

Description Edit

Titans are unique, powerful creatures. One Titan can be summoned by spending three sins on the appropriate icon in the Veins of Evil. A Titan Summoning Stone will then appear by your Dungeon Core. After five minutes, the stone will disappear and the requested Titan will be born.

There are four Titans altogether:

Titan Name In-game Description Wiki Description
Archon A mage that bends the very Aether to its whim. The Archon is a powerful mage that can drain the life of its enemies and reincarnate the fallen as Revenants.
Behemoth A fearless and primal beast. The Behemoth is a ferocious beast that can charge and burn its way through Defences and the enemies' ranks.
Eternal A primal essence born from time itself. The Eternal is an ancient entity that can bend time itself, as well as absorbing some of the damage dealt to your Dungeon Core.
Colossus A powerful golden warrior. The Colossus is forged golden warrior that can drain gold from the both the earth and the enemies' Vaults and send it straight to yours.

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