Tavern Wall

The Tavern is a room where the roving Gnarling band plays on Tuesdays. Well Drinks cost only a gold and the barkeep has been dead for centuries. A place where names aren't important as you try not to catch the eye of a sullen Cultist as he drinks long into the evening. This room will provide entertainment for both you and your minions, and with a steady supply of Micro-Piglets from the Slaughterpen your Intelligent minions will never want for sustenance.

There's nothing quite like a good ale and hearty pork sausages after a long day bashing in skulls. The Tavern will provide both of the two to your intelligent minions, and thus will help you to keep them happy.

Unlike all other rooms in the game, the tavern must be build at least 3x5, the reason being that it actually has two props associated with it. The first of these are simple tables, which can store up to four plates from which your minions can eat their meals. The second prop is a massive meat cannon; essentially a mixture between a grinder, a cook, and a food delivery service that will supply the table(s) of your tavern with food.

Unsurprisingly, the meat cannon can not produce meals from thin air. Instead, it continously has to be supplied with micro-piglets from your slaughterpen. Thankfully your own Imps will usually take care of keeping the meat cannon of your tavern well-supplied, but if you notice that the cannon has no more piglets inside to process, you can always manually grab some with the hand of evil and drop them inside. And if you should run out of micropiglets...well, let's say the cannon is rather simple machine, and could not differentiate between pigs and prisoner if one of the latter would somehow find its way into it.

As for your intelligent minions - the warm food served in the tavern is so much to their liking that they will spend a bit of their wages on it every time they visit the tavern, allowing you to get back at least a bit of the wages you have to pay those greedy little buggers. Atop of that, they will also work harder for a short while after having eating in the tavern.

Beast Minions, not knowing how to eat with fork and knife, will not dine in the tavern, and instead eat piglets directly from the slaughterpen.

A particularly eloquent Chunder once said, “Fight good for working appetite.” The same Chunder also pioneered an entirely new meat-delivery system… he calls it the Spit-Roast which, however lacking in poetry, certainly makes meals more interesting when it misfires and knocks an unsuspecting Bafu unconscious.

The Tavern is one of three rooms which may be selected within The Roots.