Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 12
New aspects
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Desperate Power Equlilbrirum

Subjugation is the twelfth mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"With such awesome power you were bound to attract the greed of your brethren. Draven, Korvek and Kasita have banded together and plan to steal the artefact for themselves. Defeat them and bend them to your will, for if they join your ranks there will be no stopping your final assault upon the Empire capital."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Use the power of the Kenos to defeat Draven, Korvek and Kasita.




Victory NarrationEdit

"Now you are as a god! With these three bent to your will, your war against the Empire capital is sure to end in bloody victory."


Achievement12-2 '
Achievement12-3 '

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