Spine of Kairos - "The Rear Guard"

05 spine of kairos the rear guard

Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 5
Boss Belmorne "Chippy" Axeager
New aspects
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Turncoat Isle - "Shades of Grey" Rhaskos' Realm - "Behind Enemy Lines"

The Rear Guard is the fifth mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"It’s time to kill two Dwarves with one stone. The miserable midgets of the Dwarven guard have bested Rhaskos and sent him back to his own realm… where a counter-assault to our own war has been launched. They’re sure to send hundreds of their own to crash against your dungeon walls… make bloody waves then follow Rhaskos to his own domain."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Defeat Belmorne's army while channeling a Ritual to enter Rhaskos' Realm.




Victory NarrationEdit

"That should teach those ruddy stonemunchers a lesson they’ll not soon forget. If you’ve still got a bit of bloodlust, send your unholy consciousness across the Aether and enter the realm of Rhaskos, for there are plenty Empire dogs that still need to be put down."


Achievement5-1 The Rear Guard
Complete level 5
Achievement5-2 Short Joke
Complete level 5 in 18 minutes
Achievement5-3 Time for Tea
Destroy all Empire Gateways on level 5