This article refers to the defence. For the creature, see Sentinel.

For a similar Empire defence, see Stone Knight Shell.

The Sentinel Shell is a Defence available in the Veins of Evil. It was added in the Heart of Gold Expansion. Its sole purpose is to spawn the Sentinel.

Construction Edit

The Sentinel Shell costs 5000 Gold and requires 10 defence parts.

Behaviour Edit

Sentinel (Shell)

The Sentinel Shell, once constructed, can be activated with a click. Alternatively, it will automatically activated when an enemy comes within a certain distance of it. Once activated, the Shell will open and spawn a Sentinel, an ghostly soldier made of pure gold. After the sentinel spawns, the defence will be destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sentinel Shell resembles an Egyptian sarcophagus, a coffin usually made for an Egyptian king or noble. Sarcophagi were usually actually several coffins, each inside another, with at least one being made of gold.