For the defence, see Sentinel (Shell).

For a similar creature belonging to the Empire, see Stone Knight.

The Sentinel is a unit that appears in War for the Overworld. It was introduced in the Heart of Gold Expansion.

Description Edit

The Sentinel is a ghostly knight made entirely of gold. They are somewhat slow, however they are tough, can deal moderate damage and are immune to lava.

The Sentinel is unique creature in many ways. Instead of spawning from portals, Sentinels are created when a Sentinel Shell is activated. The Sentinel does not need to eat or sleep, but they still require a wage, a wage that is far higher than any other creature, which is the one thing that prevents Underlords from churning out huge armies of Sentinels. Also, they are made entirely of gold, and thus cannot be healed by normal means. The only way to heal, or rather, repair them, is to use the Gild spell on them, or alternatively, sprinkle them with gold.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sentinel was originally what is now the Disciple.
  • You get an achievement for not letting any Sentinels die on Level 1 of the Heart of Gold Campaign, Murkmud.
  • Sentinels, along with the Colossus, are the only creatures that cannot be healed using the Heal spell.
  • The Sentinels' icon resembles the Highguards'.
  • According to Mendichaus, Sentinels are the reanimated troops of the Empire that Kasita once turned to gold.

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