The Prison was implemented in Patch: Bedrock Beta v.0.3.0 Krampusnacht on December 23, 2013.


When your minions have beaten their odious opponents into unconsciousness you will have to choose whether to leave their bodies to rot and expire on the field or, if you're feeling a bit playful, to cart them off to Prison.

The smell of broken dreams and lost hope permeates this room, and, as the flesh rots off the goodly heroes that you leave, forgotten, within your minions will find themselves smiling to themselves as the cries for help grow softer and softer.

Creatures who fail to die in battle will be quick to regret their decision as they awake locked in the Prison. From here they can be used in Rituals or sent to the Torture Chamber.

The Prison is one of the rooms offered by mixing the Vein of Wrath and Vein of Greed.