Cast Possession on one of your own creatures to assume direct control of it.

While in Possession, your camera shifts to a first-person view and you control movement as expected. You can use that creature's attacks and abilities, as well as interacting with workable objects (such as training dummies in the Barracks). Additionally, you can target other creatures to join your raid party, which makes them follow you as long as you remain in Possession. This is useful when trying to coordinate attacks too complicated for rallies.

For serious use of this spells, it is recommended to turn off "Possession cam bobbing" and "Possession camera effect" in display options. You can also set a custom field of view in the display menu and specific Possession hotkeys in the controls menu.

Possession is one of the default spells.

Notes Edit

  • You can use Possession to force a creature to retreat.
  • Holding down left click on a workable object will make the creature work at normal speed. Rapidly clicking speeds this process greatly.