Oberon core

Underlord Oberon is an Underlord in War for the Overworld. He appears in Campaign mode as the player and as an AI personality in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes.

Background Edit

In the original Campaign, Oberon is the player Underlord. He is awakened from the Aether by Mendichaus. Oberon is chosen by Mendichaus for personal mentoring, and begins his quest to regain his power, while serving Mendichaus' plan for dominating the mortal realm of Kairos.

Oberon himself does not express much of a backstory, and none of the other characters allude much to his previous lifetime as an Underlord.

During the Campaign, Oberon takes on the brunt of the war effort against the Empire. He works his way through countless Empire keeps, and through the dungeons of a number of rival Underlords. Mendichaus instructs him to then take possession of a powerful artifact, known as the Kenos, which contains great power, at the potential expense of great madness.

During the final push against the Empire, Underlord Oberon kills a twisted Emperor Lucius, who has absorbed the power of a similarly dangerous artefact. On his death, Lucius manages to transport himself, now freed from the confines of his body, to the Home Realm of Oberon. Once he manages this, he destroys the Underlord's Core, and Mendichaus abandons Oberon, deciding to use the former Emperor instead. Oberon is banished to the Aether as a result of this.


  • Oberon's Dungeon theme in Campaign mode is referred to as the "default" theme. It is the only usable theme in original campaign and the survival prototype.
    • This theme is available to all players by default.
    • This theme used to be the only theme available in sandbox.
  • His colour in the campaign is Green.
    • Interestingly, Oberon's green is a different shade to the green theme colour available in the Sandbox and Scenario and Skirmish mode. Since the Trial by Fire patch, this colour has been referred to as 'Emerald'.
  • Oberon is the only Underlord in the War for the Overworld Campaign with no voice lines.
  • After completing the campaign, Mendichaus's Home Realm quotes suggest that Oberon somehow survived the experience rather than being banished to the Aether, which Mendichaus finds rather perplexing.
    • It is possible that Oberon, instead of being banished to the Aether, was trapped within his Home Realm upon his defeat.

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