The Midas Door is a defence available in the Veins of Evil.

Construction Edit

The Midas Door costs 5000 gold requires five defence parts.

Usage Edit

Unlike other doors, the Midas Door is indestructible, but for every blow it takes an amount of money will taken from your treasury. If you are unable to pay for this invulnerability, then the door will become vulnerable to attack like any other door. Aside from this, the Midas Door is very weak, its 1000 hit points making it even weaker than a wooden door! This door should definitely only be used by an underlord with a steady stream of cash flowing into their treasury!

'The demon within the Midas Door will protect your dungeon from harm as long as you can pay its price. For each blow absorbed by this door your coffers will be taxed... 'tis the Defence for a truly opulent Underlord.'
- Mendichaus, introducing the Midas Door.

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