The Midas Door is a defence available in the Veins of Evil.

Construction Edit

The Midas Door costs 5000 Gold and requires three defence parts.

Description Edit

Midas Door

Gold, despite of its immense value, is not a particularly hard metal. A door purely made out of gold thus might look shine but would be a very bad investment when it comes to defensive value. Bind an avaricious demon to it, however, and things will start to look very much different.

Very simply put, the demon that inhabits the Midas door will protect it with its considerable power, effectively making it unbreakeable - so long as you can pay him. Greedy as he is, he will directly subtract any damage the door (and thus he) takes from your coffers, so while the door might remain intact, the same can't be said about your wealth. And should your monetary reserves be exhausted, the door can be destroyed like any other.

Given the way this door works, it can either be your strongest defense or little more than a drain on your already scarce resources. So choose wisely if and when you want to make use of it, Underlord - opening the doors might let your enemies into your dungeon, but will in turn keep the demons fingers out of your wallet.

'The demon within the Midas Door will protect your dungeon from harm as long as you can pay its price. For each blow absorbed by this door your coffers will be taxed... 'tis the Defence for a truly opulent Underlord.'
- Mendechaus, introducing the Midas Door.