The Matriarch is a unit belonging to The Empire.



While many pray to Kira for guidance, support, and power there are a chosen few who are born blessed by her divine power — the lucky souls who are anointed by the Goddess’ holy hand are able to act in her stead in times of great need.

These chosen women are born with the knowledge of the past, of the horrors that have come and gone and the endless struggle against the heralds of darkness. They wield the divine power to control the Light and, as long as they are alive, will do everything in their power to preserve the balance of life and death upon the realm that they are tasked with defending.

The Matriarch will use her holy powers to turn the tide of battle against those who blaspheme against the Goddess’ word and act as a balancing force when armies of undead threaten to overpower the living. She will preserve the souls of those who fall in battle and use their untapped potential to conjure up an army of defenders known as Sentinels.[1]


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  • Kira’s Presence: Increases morale of all nearby friendly units as well as granting them resistance to unholy attacks.
  • Unity: The Matriarch heals her Sentinels every time she uses her basic attack, and each Sentinel she commands increases the damage dealt by her basic attack.
  • Crusade: The Matriarch marks a target for her Sentinels to attack.
  • Holy Fervor: The Matriarch buffs one of her Sentinels, granting it significantly increased damage for a short period.
  • Army of the Dead (Special): The Matriarch summons a temporary army of Sentinels to fight for her, but they will be released to the Aether after a short period.[2]

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