The Arcanist Hine-Po is an imperial boss unit that appears in War for the Overworld, specifically Level 10, The Kenos. She guards the western Obelisk, but otherwise plays a very minor role in the level.

Description Edit

Hine-Po is the leader of the Arcanist Order, and the guardian of the Kenos. She is the Arcanist boss. She wears a purple and blue robe, a golden headress and some sort of white face paint or blush. She also has some black tattoos often seen on Arcanists. She is very similar to a standard Arcanist, the one exception being her boss grade Health.

Hine-Po guards the western Obelisk. She only ever makes one taunt in the entire level, and only when her chamber is breached. Her fate is to die in a surging river of minions, and being remembered as probably the most minor boss in the entire campaign.

Abilities Edit

Passive Traits
  • Unbound Power: Every spell the Arcanist casts gives her a stacking buff that increases magical damage done and physical damage taken by 10%. Stacks 10 times, lasts 10 seconds.
Active Abilities
  • Arcane Bolt: The Arcanist launches an Arcane Bolt at a target, dealing damage.
  • Arcane Charge: The Arcanist launches an explosive projectile at an enemy unit, dealing AoE damage upon impact.
  • Arcane Barrage: After a brief delay, the Arcanist fires an Arcane Barrage at an enemy unit, dealing heavy damage and reducing their resistance to magic damage for a short period.
  • Nova: The Arcanist lets out a powerful shockwave that knocks away nearby enemy units.
  • Arcane Storm (Special): The Arcanist lets out a devastating storm on top of an enemy unit, dealing heavy damage and stunning any nearby enemy units.

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