The Arcanist Hine-Po is an imperial boss unit that appears in War for the Overworld, specifically Level 10, The Kenos. She guards the western Obelisk, but otherwise plays a very minor role in the level.

Description Edit

Hine-Po is the leader of the Arcane Order, and the guardian of the Kenos. She is the Arcanist boss. She wears a purple and blue robe, a golden headress and some sort of white face paint or blush. She also has some black tattoos often seen on Arcanists. She is very similar to a standard Arcanist, the one exception being her boss grade Health.

Hine-Po guards the western Obelisk. She only ever makes one taunt in the entire level, and only when her chamber is breached. Her fate is to die in a surging river of minions, and being remembered as probably the most minor boss in the entire campaign.

Abilities Edit

Passive Traits
  • Unbound Power: Every spell the Arcanist casts gives her a stacking buff that increases magical damage done and physical damage taken by 10%. Stacks 10 times, lasts 10 seconds.
Active Abilities
  • Arcane Bolt: The Arcanist launches an Arcane Bolt at a target, dealing damage.
  • Arcane Charge: The Arcanist launches an explosive projectile at an enemy unit, dealing AoE damage upon impact.
  • Arcane Barrage: After a brief delay, the Arcanist fires an Arcane Barrage at an enemy unit, dealing heavy damage and reducing their resistance to magic damage for a short period.
  • Nova: The Arcanist lets out a powerful shockwave that knocks away nearby enemy units.
  • Arcane Storm (Special): The Arcanist lets out a devastating storm on top of an enemy unit, dealing heavy damage and stunning any nearby enemy units.

Quotes Edit

"Your evil will find no purchase here! Come at me, you Aetherial wretch!"

"How... How is this possible..."