The Highguard is an elite imperial Creature that appears in War for the Overworld.

Highguard portrait

Description Edit

The Highguard is a powerful unit belonging to the Empire. They are very tough and can dish out high damage. They certainly look fancy with their sparkly golden armour and regal red cape. They would make good converts, with their good defensive and offensive skills. Highguards do have a drawback though; they don't have any special abilities to help them in combat, just good ol' physical strength.

Abilities Edit

Attracted by:Edit

Barracks + very large vault

Passive Traits Edit

  • Highguard strength - Highguard strength modifier (not sure what that actually means)

Active abilities Edit

Apart from their basic sword strikes, Highguards have no active abilities.

Mendichaus's Description Edit

"The Empire's Highguard is the pinnacle of their army. Strong in attack, resistant in defence, and insufferably arrogant."