Heart Attack
Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 7
Boss Belscorn "Shortarse" Axeager
New aspects
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Behind Enemy Lines Desecration

Heart Attack is the seventh mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Rhaskos is all but defeated, for the Empire have made use of a rare artefact that limits his considerable powers… they stand to launch an assault upon his final Dungeon Core. Defend him with all of your might and paint his realm red with the broken bodies of these impetuous scum."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Defend Rhaskos against the final Empire assault!





You need a build an army really quickly. Your building zone is above your massive vault, which you can sell if you need more space. Use Summon Worker spell to claim the area more quickly. Arena, Beast Den and Lair should be your largest rooms. The Empire is unlikely to break though your walls, if you build a maze of rooms. Use Replacement Earth to construct a queue to your death attraction. You can use a separate room for traps and unit drop. You should build at least each of rooms to get different minions and spam the Arena to make them get levels more quickly.


Be aware, that on the right side of the map there is a secret tunnel leading to Rhaskos' Core, so prepare for a surprise attack about in the middle of heroes raid. Health spells can become handy, so you'll want to dispose some useless workers to get mana back. You can probably clear the whole attack before minions start starving.


Take your time to train up your minions. Once you have a big horde, make a rush to the north of the map.


If you have a prison, you can drop an enemy next to Rhaskos' Core, then kill them quickly once his health is below 6'250.

Victory NarrationEdit

"They’ve claimed a minor victory, but we shall make them pay a hundredfold for their schemes. Let us return to Kairos to teach them an unforgettable lesson..."


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