The Hand of Kira is an imperial boss creature that appears in War for the Overworld, specifically in level 8, Desecration.

Description Edit

The Hand of Kira is the leader of the Church of Kira. She is the Priestess boss. She wears a creamish-white robe, an ornate golden headress and holds a small golden sceptre. Her abilities are exactly the same as a standard priestess's, however she does have boss-grade health and numerous guards.

She cowers in her chamber to the north of the starting point and Count Tolan's tomb, protected by Temple Guards and priestesses. She will fight valiantly (well ... sort of) when the chamber's doors are breached. In order for Emperor Uther's tomb to be breached, she must be killed.

Abilities Edit

  • Vow of Silence: The Priestess is immune to silence effects.
  • Blessing: The Priestess heals all nearby allied units for a small amount every time she uses an active ability.
  • Smite: The Priestess calls down a crushing blow from the heavens, dealing Light damage to target enemy unit.
  • Pacify: The Priestess pacifies a single enemy unit, blinding and silencing them for a short period of time.
  • Intervention (Special): The Priestess revives an allied unit

Quotes Edit

"You'll not defile this hallowed ground!"

"I shall show you the light of justice!"

"Taste the radiance of Kira's wisdom!"

"Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls"

"I'll scour your taint from these holy lands!"

"Come on, then! Bring your abominations to me, and see them purified in Kira's light!"

Trivia Edit

  • The Hand of Kira's voice is different from inside her own chamber than it does elsewhere. This is possibly because she communicates telepathically to the Player outside of her chamber, and this somehow affects the sound of her voice. Another theory is that her speech outside her chamber is actually the goddess Kira, speaking through her.