The Gnarling is a Creature that appears in War for the Overworld.

Description Edit

"The Gnarling is your bread and butter soldier. It trains in the Barracks, honing its finely tuned combat style of hack and slash."

Armed with a pair of scavenged swords and protected by amour that doesn't exactly fit, the Gnarling is an Underlord's bread and butter warrior. These green-skinned creatures will happily work the barracks, perfecting their combat style of constantly hacking at opponents until somebody dies. Although they may seem weak at first, they can deal surprising damage to the enemy whilst surviving numerous blows themselves, if trained to a high enough level. Gnarlings work best when attacking in groups, easily whittling down even the toughest enemy's health. In addition to this, Gnarlings have the ability to scavenge fallen armour and weaponry from their foes. This ability to scavenge makes Gnarlings useful allies, as it increases their combat power with little to no input from your vile hand. Gnarlings will gradually become more powerful as they defeat enemies, making them a surprisingly formidable (and cheap) addition to your dungeon.


Attracted by: Edit


Passive Edit

  • Scavenge

Active Edit

  • Shiv: Throws a shiv, dealing a small amount of damage and slowing the target.
  • Cleave: Deal damage to enemies in a cone.
  • Blade Spin: Spin in circle, dealing damage to nearby enemies.