The Frost Weaver is a Creature in War for the Overworld.


Distilled from the perpetually frozen wastes of an inhospitable realm, the Frost Weaver is a being that channels its ice-bound fury through space and time. Its touch will chill the very bones of your enemies to make them sluggish in battle and, when vanquished, it will unleash a final volley of gelid fury across the battlefield as it is returned to the primal state from whence it came.

These chilling, arcane creatures will mindlessly follow your orders to march into battle, and, though they are unable to learn from the trials of combat, they will require neither sustenance nor sleep during their short, icy stay within your dungeon.[1]


Attracted by: Edit

  • Using a frost weaver potion

Passive Traits Edit

  • Tempus Frigid: The Frost Weaver is only a temporary construct, and will slowly lose health over time and receive no benefit from healing effects.
  • Deep Freeze: When the Frost Weaver dies it will freeze the nearby area solid, causing all nearby units to be unable to take action for a short period. All frozen units will find their resistances dramatically increased for the duration of this effect.
  • Chilling Embrace: The Frost Weaver passively slows the movement and attack speeds of all nearby enemy units.

Active Abilities Edit

  • Frost Nova: The Frost Weaver unleashes an ice nova that temporarily immobilizes all nearby enemy units.[2]

Strategy Edit

The Frost weaver is a temporary unit that can be summoned instantly from a brewed potion. Their main use is to slow down enemies rendering them less effective and on death rendering them fragile. This makes them highly effective as a Defensive bulwark to slow down advancing units while rallying other minions.

The Frost weaver however is not as effective offensively. Their short-lifespan and relatively slow speed renders them less effective than the nimble freely re-spawning ember demons. Though they can assist in distracting enemy forces when forced to make a retreat with your main forces.