The Ember Demon is a creature in War for the Overworld.


Recently a few of your more ingenious Augres and Cultists were able to create a portal to another realm, what came through was a fiery fiend that they lovingly call the Ember Demon. Each of these Ember Rifts seems capable of tethering a single Ember Demon to this realm, however these portals require a small, constant tithe of mana to be sustained.

This beast seems to be a physical manifestation of the torrid heat of whatever realm it came from, but thankfully it seems to owe you some allegiance... either that or it simply wants to watch the (Under)world burn and finds that the heroes who oppose you tend to be more flammable than your own followers.

Whatever the case, the Ember Demon will engage your enemies in battle and leave them all crisped husks inside molten suits of armour. When extinguished, it seems that the Ember Demon will reignite itself from the Ember Rift where it was created and will continue doing so until the Rift is destroyed. Due to this unique trait, they seem quite content at bombing headfirst into hordes of enemy units with little regard for their own safety. Flame on, Underlord.[1]

Abilities Edit

Attracted By: Edit

  • Construction of a Ember Rift construct.

Passive Traits Edit

  • Consuming Flame: Ember Demons are beings of pure flame, and as such, instead of taking damage from fire attacks and lava they are healed for 50% of the amount of damage a normal unit would receive.
  • Ember Spirit: Upon death, the Ember Demon violently explodes, damaging all nearby enemy units. After about a minute, the Ember Demon will revive at its Ember Rift. If the Ember Rift is destroyed at any time, the Ember Demon will instantly die.

Active Abilities Edit

  • Flare: The Ember Demon launches himself at an enemy unit, damaging them and all nearby enemy units upon landing.
  • Firecracker: The Ember Demon lets out a quick burst of flame, stunning all nearby enemy units for a very short period of time.[2]

Strategy Edit

The primary purpose of the Ember Demon is to provide constant pressure on the opposition. Since they lack needs and re-spawn with no cost after a relatively short period while inflicting damage on death once active they are quite effective at prolonged sieging of a front forcing the opponent to either set up heavy defenses or risk their troops.

However due to their normally short lives ember demons rarely get to level up lessening their effectiveness against high-level creatures and minions. Their rifts also take up a substantial amount of the Underlord's mana reserve rendering the fielding of multiple Ember demons risky and generally ill-advised.


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