The Cultist is a Creature that appears in War for the Overworld.


The Cultist is a frail creature who has sacrificed physical strength for mystical power granted by steadfast devotion to a dark god. Placed toe to toe with almost any other creature they would find themselves soundly beaten – to the endless shame of their mysterious deity. When a young worker asked a Cultist why he was so thin and frail he responded: “When I worship, I need no food, no water, no sleep… I want for nothing that is not provided by prayer.”

He then disembowelled the worker and offered him up as sacrifice with the quip: “My master asks for much more.”

While they are not formidable fighters their spells have a way of increasing the pain of their foes and healing their allies – making them a strong supporting caster in an army of any composition. After enough training the Cultist may offer him or herself up in a ritual to become a Blood Mage, a zealot of fearsome strength who we shall discuss at a point in the near future.[1]


Attracted by

Archive, Sanctuary

Passive Traits
  • Devout: Working in a Sanctuary allows the cultist to go without food, sleep, or pay.
  • Soulbreaker: The Cultist’s basic attacks deal additional damage equal to a portion of their target’s missing health.
Active Abilities
  • Wither: Slows an enemy unit and causes them to take increased damage from allies for a few seconds.
  • Regeneration: Heals a friendly unit over several seconds.
  • Dark Calling: Dramatically increases the combat capabilities of a friendly unit.[2]