Where there's Chunder — there's lightning. At least, that's what the Cultists keep telling us.

This grotesque bag of gas will Chunder into any dungeon well stocked with delicious bacon, though it is just as happy to eat from the troughs in the Slaughterpen. Truthfully, not much is known about the Chunder, but your enemies will soon learn to run, noses pinched shut, from its various vile gases once this minion enters the battlefield.

The Chunder works willingly in the Foundry as its head is equally well suited as both weapon and tool. It seems impervious to concussion and will fight on the front lines, head (and hammer) held high to protect your weaker minions from harm.


Attracted by: Edit


  • Headbutt: The Chunder’s basic attacks stun the target for a short period.
  • Chunderbomb: The Chunder launches himself at an enemy unit with some powerful flatulence, stunning and damaging them on impact.
  • Chunder Thunder: The Chunder lets out a vile belch, dealing poison damage and reducing the damage output of nearby enemies.
  • Chunderlings: The Chunder spits out two small Chunderlings, which will distract nearby enemy units until they are killed, at which point they explode in a shower of venomous bile, dealing poison damage and slowing the movement speed affected enemies.
  • Chunderstorm: The Chunder flatulates with tempestuous force, covering a large area in a toxic mist which deals poison damage and intermittently silences and blinds enemy units as they try to hold on to their lunch.

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