NB: Until versions stabilise you may wish to refer to the hotfix notes on the War for the Overworld forums for the latest changes.

v1.0.25 Edit

21 April 2015

Performance Optimisations

  • Another major optimisation to the rendering of Fog of War, roughly a

40% speed increase for FoW rendering and should improve unity's performance overall

  • Other minor performance improvements to backend systems

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where enemy units wouldn't show level up VFX
  • Fixed an incorrect camera position in the level 8 intro
  • Fixed an issue when returning to possession after a cutscene
  • The first highlight in level 1 no longer overstays it's welcome after objective completion
  • Fixed an issue where the height of objects would be incorrect on the first map loaded
  • Enemy props will no longer show highlights (Especially the torture racks on level 6)
  • Numerous fixes to home realm
  • Fixed an issue where defenses on level 13 were not being properly rebuilt when furnaces were active
  • Fixed an issue where small gaps were appearing between certain types of Empire theme tiles
  • Fixed a bug where a large square would appear when a Witch Doctor was affected by Blood Money
  • Several backend Multiplayer fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Fog of War revealers that had a growing radius were not working correctly
  • Beasts who have recently fought in the Arena will now correctly respond to their rally groups
  • Workers will no longer continue attempting to build the warding totem for ever.
  • Fixed a bug where dropping a unit next to an AI controlled dungeon

could result in the unit getting struck by lightning mid-air, preventing a correct drop

  • Fixed a bug which caused prisoners and tortured units to scream for all eternity, the gods are pleased with the silence
  • Fixed an issue where the Vampire would constantly become angry

faster, meaning it wasn't possible to keep him maintained on prisoners

  • Fixed an issue where language settings were not remembered for the options menu
  • Fixed GTA being unplayed by anyone on the team

Graphical & UI Changes

  • Increased height of Gargoyle health shield so it's now always visible
  • Default textures are now set to half resolution (Can be returned to full in the options menu)

Level Changes

  • It is now possible to spawn enemy waves in your Home Realm

Gameplay Changes

  • Brimstone can now store and drop gold
  • Arena kill state is now set to incapacitate by default rather than kill

Misc Changes

  • Clients should now correctly quit the game if the host leaves
  • AI will now ignore grabbed units for the purposes of threat
  • New Settings have been added to the options menu

v1.0.23 Edit

16 April 2015

  • More performance improvements related to fog of war
  • Several fixes to UI & main menu localisation
  • Fixed not being able to select unit abilities after the first 6
  • Fixed a rare error that caused projectiles to break outside of the map on C13
  • Fixed missing unit names for various bosses and other units

v1.0.21 Edit

13 April 2015

Performance Improvements

  • Many improvements to the Fog of War system which will result in a large performance increase across the board
  • Improved loading times

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gold sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed several bugs with unit pathfinding
  • Fixed Skirmish AI not expanding after a certain amount of time
  • Fixed episodes 1-4 leaking

Other changes/Improvements

  • Reduced frequency of narrator jokes
  • Reduced frequency of ‘room too small’ alerts
  • Improved Skirmish AI room placement

v1.0.19 - v1.0.20 Edit

10 April 2015

v1.0.19 Changes:

  • Localisation for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and

Polish updated (only 1%~ of strings are now missing/placeholder translations)

  • Fixed combat notification icon appearing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed unit panel not scrolling
  • Fixed load/save UI sorting
  • Several fixes to the Home Realm
  • Several fixes to the ending sequence
  • Fixed Home Realm achievements not triggering
  • Fixed broken Empire Tavern on C6

v1.0.20 Changes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused large portions of the map to constantly regenerate after loading a save game

v1.0.18 Edit

9 April 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak related to the fog of war system
  • Fixed an issue where tiles were incorrectly highlighted from the start of the level
  • Deleting objects is no longer instant, avoiding a caching issue
  • Border tiles in all maps are now correctly visible and will not be inappropriately hidden by fog of war
  • Fixed an issue where the tables and props in the tavern was not saved
  • Applied a fix to the Revelation ritual, it should now work correctly
  • Saves now correctly account for tile discovery
  • Fixed Gamma resetting when starting a level
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when fog of war is disabled
  • Fixed an issue where units would not gain stats when progressing to level 2
  • Units no longer show their torture progress constantly when rescued from enemy props
  • Fixed an issue where units were not properly released from torture

props, so they could still be converted by an inquisitor or succubs after rescue

  • Pathing over Sacred ground no longer constitutes as difficult for the pathfinder
  • Removed unused data from the FoW system
  • Fixed a bug where the material cache was causing materials to leak
  • Fixed an issue where units were not updating fog of war
  • Fixed C10 block positions
  • Objects are now prevented from being created above walls
  • Fixed an issue that allowd units to move above walls
  • Fixed an issue where clients in multiplayer would not see their gold updating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where C10 could not be completed due to Kenos Deaths
  • Fixed AI Players not spawning workers
  • Several fixes to the arena
  • Fixed a bug where units would appear rotated incorrectly

Balance Changes

  • Units are now less likely to search for extremely long paths over land rather than water
  • Vampires will try to avoid water wherever possible
  • C8: reduced the number of enemies by about 40%
  • C8: Enemies are now level 5
  • C8: Ghouls and Necromancers are now more powerful
  • C8: Adjusted layout of final room
  • C11: Swapped water areas out for claimable bridges
  • C11: It now takes 30 minutes for Mira to charge the Kenos (Up from 20)

AI Improvements

  • Workers will no longer flee when they have important tasks to do (Building Defences, Recovering unconscious units)
  • Units will now correctly sleep when damaged
  • Worker behaviour improved when delivering objects or rescuing minions while Under attack
  • Workers now account for nearby threats when assigning tasks, the higher the threat the lower the priority.
  • Multiple misc improvements to worker behaviour and pathing
  • Other small AI Tweaks

Visuals, Audio, Etc.

  • Campaign map highlight is now green and fire texture brightness reduced
  • Empire Crypts now use the Empire Crypt tileset
  • Fixed Dwarf Granite being the wrong texture
  • Dwarf and Empire Granite are now a bit darker
  • New unit portrait for Arcanist
  • C8: Cleand up some textures
  • C11: Updated all of Mira's textures, it's very shiny now
  • C11: Fixed Granite being the wrong texture
  • C13: Carpet tileset now uses hero connectors instead of evil archive connectors
  • C13: "Dalaran" shield on now purple, matching the inhibitors
  • C13: All Empire defences and tiles are now correctly team coloured as white
  • The grass is greener on the other side of the fence
  • Added multiple highlight colours
  • Combat alert now shows a stack for the amount of units currently in combat, and flashes for each unit attacked

Other Changes

  • Made Rally target prioritisation more reliable
  • More fixes to the Game Text (Spell tooltips
  • Various minor fixes to underlying systems
  • Zooming to a location will now keep your camera orientation

v1.0.15 Edit

6 April 2015

Bug Fixes

  • The Combat Status notification now flashes each time a unit is attacked
  • Give units gold by hand can now compensate for payday in addition to making units happy
  • In addition it will make units take less gold for their next payday
  • Worker Rally Icon has been replaced with the correct icon
  • Random Mendachaus jokes are now played 20% less often
  • Fixed Impasse not preventing workers from claiming enemy tiles
  • Vastly improved the claiming of enemy Dungeon Cores
  • Spirit Worker Artefact no longer persists allowing you to use it infinitely
  • Player Stat Tracking is now correctly serialised allowing it to persist through saved games
  • Fixed another NullRef bug which could be the root cause of several crashes
  • Fixed a bug where the Arena might be accessed before it is initialized
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong animation was being used on the Blade Lotus
  • Improved our Debugging tools for more useful outputs
  • Fixed an issue which allowed units to escape a map by tunnelling below impenetrable rock around the edge
  • Fixed C7 reloading
  • Knockouts are now correctly recognised by the save-load system
  • Fixed invisible Highguard on C9
  • Fixed an issue where reloading C10 would allow the Kenos to be destroyable
  • Additional checks put in place to prevent units from moving outside of map
  • Fixed Community Manager being ill[] (Noontide has been quarantined)

Balance Changes

  • Cost of Acquiring sins increased slightly
  • Passive research rate of sins in skirmish and multiplayer increased slightly
  • Reduced the amount of attack speed units gain as they level from 10% to 5%
  • Increased the amount of attack power units gain as they level from 10% to 15%
  • Increased the amount of health units gain as they level from 2.5% to 7.5%
  • Increased the slow on the Skarg's lunge from 50% to 75%
  • Increased cost of payday by 150%
  • Decreased wage increase per level of units by 25%
  • Increased slap damage from 30 to 60
  • Doubled the efficiency increase gained when slapping units
  • Increased base population from 45 to 55
  • Increased Gateway population increase from 30 to 40
  • Increased speed of torture by 50% (Previous speed increase of 125% didn't actually happen)
  • Significantly reduced Lord O'Theland's Health and Damage
  • Well of Souls now locks 40 mana
  • Bombard now locks 25 mana instead of 35
  • Bone Chiller now locks 25 mana instead of 75
  • Movement speed of Kenos imbued workers has been decreased
  • Reduced rate at which Vampires get angry by 40%

Other changes

  • Added a new Sacred Earth tile-set
  • Kickstarter Founder's names added to Founder's Theme
  • Some unit labels updated
  • Mira's Chasm has had the number of Stalagmites reduced
  • Sanctuary now spawns pretty stone pentagrams on tiles that can be worked by cultists
  • A number of Gametext updates have been implemented

v1.0.14 Edit

5 April 2015

  • Fixed a failure to launch bug where the game would present with a black screen and then crash (See Image), hopefully this should resolve this issue for many players.
  • Corpses are now no longer added to the unit panel on loading a saved game
  • The game will no longer spam alerts after your units leave combat

for unit needs and will instead wait until units have had their needs unseen to for a while

  • Game UI on Ultra-wide resolutions has been fixed
  • Fixed gold piles flying in the air after being dropped (Thanks TB!)
  • Made it so gold which is dropped into a vault or dungeon core will

automatically occupy free tiles, even if gold is dropped on a occupied tile.

  • It is now simpler to drop gold onto units to increase their happiness
  • Warding totems no longer confuse Mendichaus - He'll no longer refer to them as defences
  • Fixed combat alerts coming from units which take damage over time E.g. the Frostweaver or Wraith
  • Several new unit images added to the UI
  • Set a random delay on minions payday gold gathering to spread the performance impact of pathfinding across a longer time period
  • Fixed an issue where garbage collection occurred at the same time as

payday (Completely coincidentally) causing a freeze on some systems

  • Minions have been equipped with a compass, now face the right direction while working
  • Fixed the imminent destruction of Subterranean HQ by way of leaky water pipe.(Suspected sabotage by french coder)


4 April 2015

  • Limited Combat setup potential by limiting the base power and speed of units to a maxiumm
  • Raising wraiths in C8 will properly make coprses rot and play the correct VFX
  • Disabled some alerts triggering for units in the arena
  • Improved the ability to drop defense parts with the hand of evil
  • Fixed broken event which tracks the gold mined during level
  • Fixed broken translation keys in the debrief screen
  • Fixed a float overflow causing some performance issues
  • Fixed a null reference when reloading from a save file
  • Fixed a performance issue related to pig spawning
  • Fixed a null reference on C2 which could cause issues, should also now be reloadable even during cutscnees
  • Fixed several issues with loading save files

v1.0.10 - v1.0.12Edit

4 April 2015

  • Tavern oven capacity increased by 200%
  • Room too small notifications should now trigger less often
  • Fixed a bug introduced in V1.0.9 that broke the Tavern (oops)
  • Cleaned up minimap ping colours
  • Fixed Cultists leaving the Sanctuary when there's still a Ritual to complete
  • Fixed infinite Spirit Workers spawning from the Spirit Workers artefact
  • Fixed an issue with Spirit Workers after saving/loading
  • Wraiths summoned by the Necromancer and the Archon now only last 15 seconds, but will heal themselves massively when attacking
  • Wraiths summoned through other means now die slightly faster
  • Doubled the gold cost and build time of Replacement Earth
  • Increased Torture speed by 125%
  • Fixed a crash caused by Skargs in combat
  • Fixed a crash caused when a non-existent audio file is called
  • Potentially fixed an issue that caused units and defences to not die once they reached 0 health
  • Level 8: Boss is now level 10
  • Level 8: Emperor's Crypt now actually has the Emperor's Statue on it (it had been stolen by the Priestess's Crypt)
  • Severely increased game performance when loadng saves on certain levels
  • Fixed Matriarchs committing suicide with their level 5 ability (Spirit Army)
  • Updated main menu text
  • Unit attack speed now capped at 2.5


3 April 2015

  • Exiting posession no longer skips dialogue
  • Added a red minimap ping when combat is occuring
  • Fixed an issue where the ritual did not finish correctly on C5, preventing the mission from being completed
  • Fixed a bug where linux systems with multiple monitors would use an extremely large resolution
  • Soundtrack DLC has now been added into the root directory for Underlord Edition owners
  • Veins of evil now unlock correctly in the Home Realm
  • When the Narrator is speaking in the home realm other sounds are now dimmed correctly
  • Made some updates to unhappy and no room alerts
  • Prisoners on C6 will now appropriately update objectives
  • Decreased texture resolution of many unimportant textures
  • Fixed a bug where timestamps on save games weren't translated into something a human could read
  • Tweaks to the Tavern, Artefact Icons and Gametext
  • Added Mini-map pings for unit entry and anger
  • Added VFX to the death of Sappers, Dwarven Workers and Spectres
  • Underlord Marcus now uses lightning every 5 seconds rather than every 3
  • Added feedback to unit shields in the form of flashing colours when a unit is angry or mad
  • Fixed a bug which caused Coders to fall asleep, Red Bull code has been injected.


3 April 2015

  • Audio lines should no longer skip during pause
  • Fixed a bug where blocks would float after claiming an enemy dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where sound volume was not being set when the level changed
  • Fixed an issue where if the beast den in C4 was expanded before being claimed no units would be spawned
  • Fixed an issue where the line for Blood Money would continue to repeat on C6, causing the game to become uncompletable


3 April 2015

  • Fixed Game Settings not saving and reloading on game start.


3 April 2015

  • Fixed torches not being impacted by volume settings
  • Fixed ending of C6 being silent and taking a long time
  • Fixed preplaced Taverns not working (on C5 and 6 specifically)
  • Fixed Mira's core floating in C10 and C11
  • Fixed ability descriptions not showing
  • Fixed reset campaign button actually completing the campaign (whoops)
  • Fixed 'Indy' achievement not awarding correctly

v1.0.4 - v1.0.5Edit

3 April 2015

  • Reset campaign button added (please note: broken right now unless you have completed the campaign - You'll get given every level completion achievement. Fix for this is coming very shortly)
  • Fixes to levels not completing (specifically C3, 4, and 6).
  • Added level numbers to level briefing screens
  • Balance tweaks to levels 5 (The Rear Guard) and 7 (Heart Attack), more setup time and less frequent enemy spawning
  • Wraiths in C8 should now deal more damage to the big doors
  • Updated Watergates in C8 to look less like doors and more like walls (as they cannot be destroyed)

v1.0.1 - v1.0.3Edit

2 April 2015

  • Fixed an issue which ocassionally caused levels to be unfinishable
  • Fixed an issue with C3 where enemy units would not path correctly
  • You can now drop potions on the cauldron icon in the potions tab to return a potion to a free Cauldron
  • Exiting to desktop via in game menu will no longer present a Bedrock Beta screen
  • Players will now properly have all Veins unlocked after completing Campaign level 13
  • Implemented a combat status icon, when in combat you'll have a combat notification, if you click on it to be taken to combat
  • Fixed patrols and pathing issues which caused units to go idle in combat
  • Fixed a stack overflow which caused huge framerate drops if the Dungeon Core is attacked on Campaign level 3
  • Mouse cursor should no longer disappear at the end of some levels under certain conditions
  • Fixed some audio and visual alerts not being triggered for combat & dungeon core damage


2 April 2015

  • Initial release on Steam

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