Costs 1500 Gold

Requires 2 defense parts

Locks 10 mana

The Bombard can be placed into Overdrive mode, which increases the speed at which it fires, but each attack while in Overdrive will damage the device.

Description Edit

For years, Augres slaved and toiled to craft a weapon that harnessed the elemental power of “bang“. Wood was too brittle, cheese was too soft, marzipan was revolting in every aspect. But after an endless Rocky sequence of trial and error, they stumbled upon the perfect solution: make a heavy, metal cylinder with a big hole in it.


The Bombard is a defensive emplacement that blasts 32-lb balls of lead at any critter stupid enough to stand still in a strange hallway. This bigger, meaner version of the ballista is only available to the forces of Evil – the Empire’s craftsmen are too dense to use a mold – and it will turn all but the strongest foes into a rain of foamy giblets.


For more stressful engagements, the Bombard has an “Overdrive” mode that can be toggled by clicking the cannon in question. Once activated, Overdriven Bombards will fire significantly faster, but they’ll blow their own hinges in the process, taking damage for every shot fired.