Costs 1500 Gold

Requires 2 defense parts

Locks 5 mana

Description Edit

Blade Lotus

The classical spike pit was an ingenious concept, but suffered from one single drawback - its victims had to fall into the spikes to actually get hurt. The Blade Lotus revolutionizes this idea by utilizing a spring-powered platform to bring the spikes straight to its victims.

Once built, the Blade Lotus will initially remain concealed within the floor of your dungeon, but once an enemy comes close to it, the blades attached to it will shoot upwards, damaging all nearby foes. It will then remain in this position for a few seconds until its spiky bits return into the ground.

Apart from simply harming enemies, the sturdy blade loti also serve as a handy barricade, and will block the path of hostile minions if their blades are raised. This makes them extremely useful to protect more fragile defenses such as your bombards or gargoyles.

Apart from all this, you can touch the blade lotus with your hand of evil to activate its alternate mode: While in this configuration, the blade lotus is hidden from enemy eyes and can be walked over by your enemies. You can then reactivate it with a second gesture, causing it to block the path of fleeing enemies, or hostile reinforcements.