The Augre is a unit that appears in War for the Overworld. Augres are attracted by the Garrison.

Description Edit

The Augres are descended from an ancient sect of Ogres who revered the unparalleled Dwarven mastery over metalwork so much that they began to worship Torag, Dwarven God of the forge. They then began to reshape their lives around metallurgy and the creation of intricately designed machines. After some time these creatures became so enamored with expertly crafted metalwork that they began to augment themselves with their creations by physically grafting metal and machines to their bodies to improve their skills in battle and at the forges where they work.

Augres are huge creatures who have infused pieces of metal and machinery into their bodies, giving them great skill at hammering the anvils in the Foundry, or bashing in the heads of invaders.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to the loading screen info, Augres once had tails but these were lost due to natural selection.
  • According to another of the loading screen info captions, the nastiest way an Augre can kill is with the smell being emitted by its loincloth.