Area of Influence (AoI) is an Underlord's ability to interact with the world. This power normally stretches slightly beyond the boundaries of your claimed territory; however, it can be affected by certain magical items and Shrines. Within your AoI you have the power to:

  • Pick up & drop units, gold, corpses, and other objects
  • Cast any spell
  • Build rooms (upon claimed ground)
  • Slap units
  • Interact with special items, props, and Shrines

If your AoI overlaps another player's you will find that it is impossible to pick up or drop units — this will prevent players from doing "hot pickups" of units that are close to death and, more importantly, prevent wanton spell-casting on the front lines. This overlapping AoI is considered "no man’s land".

If you manage to have vision of an area that is not affected by your AoI you will only be able to cast incorporeal spells (such as Prophecy — a scouting spell that reveals the surrounding area). Additionally, when your AoI is suppressed by Sacred Ground or an enemy player you will find it impossible to cast offensive spells (incorporeal spells can still be cast).