Alchemy lab wall
Alchemy Lab

Metal grinds against stone, viscous potions overflow their cauldrons, and manic little gremlinoids stir ancient recipes into salves of power and destruction; this is the Alchemy Lab — the place where magicks are trapped into bottles to augment your chaotic arsenal.

For generations of wasteful misery, Crackpots have spelunked the mysteries of alchemy and blown themselves up the process, but who cares? The secrets they’ve unlocked are now yours to command, and the full potential of Alchemy can now be slot into your genius strategies.

The exotic, rarely caustic, scents that issue forth from the cauldrons of your Alchemy Lab will extend far into the Underworld, enticing the Crackpot to join your call. His skill at mixing various chemicals will grant you the ability to unlock Potions within the Veins of Evil to be crafted by his eccentric hand.

For all of its uses, you still should be careful with just where you build the Alchemy lab - the last thing you want is having an enemy capture it and use the potions inside against you. If such a situation should come to pass however, you can quickly destroy any potions currently stored within the lab with a good slap, leaving your rival with empty hands.

The Alchemy Lab is one of the core rooms within the Vein of Greed.

Upgrade Edit

Upgrading the Alchemy Lab will allow your Crackpots to generate a small amount of gold when they are not busy brewing potions.