Achievement11 Awakening
Complete level 1
Achievement2-1 Welcome to Kairos
Complete level 2
Achievement3-1 The Breach
Complete level 3
Achievement4-1 Shades of Grey
Complete level 4
  • Reference to the book and film Fifty Shades of Grey.
Achievement5-1 The Rear Guard
Complete level 5
Achievement6-1 Behind Enemy Lines
Complete level 6
Achievement7-1 Heart Attack
Complete level 7
Achievement8-1 Desecration
Complete level 8
Achievement9-1 Belmorne's Pass
Complete level 9
Achievement10-1 The Kenos
Complete level 10
Achievement11-1 Desperate Power
Complete level 11
Achievement12-1 Subjugation
Complete level 12
Achievement13-1 Equilibrium
Complete level 13
AchievementD1-1 Mandalf the Gold
Complete level 1
AchievementD2-1 I Choose You
Complete level 2
AchievementD3-1 Forging Ahead
Complete level 3
AchievementD4-1 Heart of Gold
Complete level 4
Achievement12 Valedictorian
Compete level 1 in 4 minutes
Achievement2-2 Burnt Face Man
Complete level 2 in 9 minutes
Achievement3-2 Portal Gems
Complete level 3 in 13 minutes
  • Reference to the game Dungeon Keeper 2, War for the Overworld's precursor.
Achievement4-2 50 Shades
Complete level 4 in 14 minutes
  • Reference to the book and film Fifty Shades of Grey.
Achievement5-2 Short Joke
Complete level 5 in 29 minutes
Achievement6-2 Prison Architect
Complete level 6 in 15 minutes
Achievement7-2 Saving Private Rhaskos
Complete level 7 in 30 minutes
Achievement8-2 Grave Robber
Complete level 8 in 12 minutes
Achievement9-2 Tower Defence
Complete level 9 in 38 minutes
Achievement10-2 Bejeweled
Complete level 10 in 25 minutes
Achievement11-2 Mondrian
Complete level 11 in 10 minutes
Achievement12-2 Over 9000
Complete level 12 in 25 minutes
Achievement13-2 A Quick Death
Complete level 13 in 25 minutes
AchievementD1-2 Stairway to Heaven
Destroy all 4 Gateways within 30 minutes
AchievementD2-2 Gotta Find ‘Em All
Unlock all 12 artefacts in 40 minutes
AchievementD3-2 Gold Rush
Gather 500,000 gold in 20 minutes
AchievementD4-2 Disinhibition
Destroy all 5 Inhibitors in 25 minutes
Achievement13 A Real Keeper
Build a 5x5 Barracks, Lair and Slaughterpen on level 1
  • Another reference to Dungeon Keeper 2 and its predecessor, Dungeon Keeper.
Achievement1-h Shaboozey (Hidden)
Lose the tutorial
Achievement2-3 Indy
Locate the hidden Artefact on level 2
  • Reference to Indiana Jones.
Achievement3-3 Impatience Is A Virtue
Complete level 3 before the final wave spawns
  • A play on the term "Patience is a virtue."
Achievement4-3 Completionist
Claim all 3 Siege Shrines on level 4
Achievement5-3 Time for Tea
Destroy all Empire Gateways on level 5
  • When the Gateways are destroyed, Mendichaus states that they now have time for tea.
Achievement6-3 Scott Richmond
Free all prisoners on level 6
Achievement7-3 Defibrillator
Complete level 7 with Rhaskos below 25% health
Achievement8-3 Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.
Defile all 7 boss Crypts on level 8
  • One of the Hand of Kira's quotes.
Achievement9-3 They Shall Not Pass
Let no Empire units leave the second outpost on level 9
  • Reference to the line "You shall not pass!" made by Gandalf the Grey in the film The Lord of the Rings.
Achievement10-3 Miracle
Destroy all Inhibitors on your own on level 10
  • A play on Mira's name.
Achievement11-3 Mira Mi Poder
Lose less than 10 minions on level 11
Achievement12-3 Fair Play
Complete level 12 without using the Unleash Kenos Ritual
Achievement13-3 Leeeeeroooy
Complete level 13 without completing any optional objectives
Achievementd1-3 Precious
Complete level 1 without losing any Sentinels
  • Reference to the character Golum in the Lord of the Rings.
Achievementd1-4 Mother of Minions
Find and rescue all Neutral units
Achievementd1-5 Mandalf the Marooned (Hidden)
Allow Mandalf to respawn 8 times
Achievementd2-3 Metal Gear
Complete level 2 without the Empire patrols discovering you
Achievementd2-4 Rhoadblock
Complete level 2 without allowing any Empire patrols to reach the end of the road
  • A play on the term 'roadblock'.
Achievementd2-5 When I Was a Young WartHoG (Hidden)
Find the Artefact of Pigs
  • The HoG in the achievement name is the initials of Heart of Gold.
Achievementd2-6 Nature’s Call
Defeat Lord Coleem
  • Reference to Lord Coleem's love of nature.
Achievementd3-3 Monopoly
Stop the Empire from mining more than 100,000 gold before you complete the Colossus
  • Reference to the board game Monopoly.
Achievementd3-4 Cash For Gold
Use the Blood Money spell 100 times
Achievementd3-5 Sacré Bleu! (Hidden)
Deposit all of Lord Saffire’s gold statues into the forge
Achievementd3-6 Art is Long, Life is Short
Defeat Lord Saffire
Achievementd4-3 Together Forever
Defeat every member of House Magnanimous
Achievementd4-4 Gauntlet
Defeat every member of House Magnanimous and complete level 4 without destroying any of the Gateways
Achievementd4-5 What Does it Mean? (Hidden)
Find the Golden Democorn
Achievements-1 Broken Heart
Beat Rhaskos on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
  • Reference to the fact that Rhaskos's Core resembles a beating heart.
Achievements-2 Potter
Beat Korvek on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
Achievements-3 Yanis Varoufakis
Beat Kasita on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
Achievements-4 Mirage
Beat Mira on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
  • Another play on Mira's name.
Achievements-5 Stand Aside
Beat Draven on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
Achievements-6 Tell My Wife Hello
Beat Marcus on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
Achievements-7 The Mountain
Beat Oberon on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
Achievements-8 The Chosen One
Beat Steven Fright on Master difficulty on any official 1v1 Skirmish map
Achievementshr-2 Stay a While and Listen
Visit your Home Realm for at least 10 minutes after completing each level to hear all of Mendechaus' wise ramblings
Achievementshr-1 My Pet Dungeon
Spend a total of 5 hours in your Home Realm
  • Reference to the My Pet Dungeon sandbox campaign in Dungeon Keeper 2.
Achievementsh-2 The Cynical Imp (Hidden)
Max out the FoV slider
Achievementsh-3 More Money Than God (Hidden)
Mine 1,000,000,000 gold

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