"The Wizard" - Murkmud
Level Information
Campaign HoG
Level No 1
Boss Mandalf the Maroon
New aspects
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Home Realm "The Summoning Stone" - Rhoad

"The Wizard" - Murkmud is the first mission in the Heart of Gold expansion.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Murkmud ... This putrid, steaming quagmire will be the site of our new beginning. The surprisingly clean, Mandalf the Maroon, resides here, and holds the stone we require to summon the Colossus."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Retrieve the Colossus' Summoning Stone from Mandalf the Maroon.




Victory NarrationEdit

"Excellent work, Kasita. Murkmud gurgles in submission, and you have added a golden wizard to your collection. More importantly, the location of the Summoning Stone is ours. Onwards!"

Defeat NarrationEdit

"You have drowned in the swamp ... Try again, Underlord - retrieve the Summoning Stone from Mandalf the Maroon."


AchievementD1-1 Mandalf the Gold
Complete level 1 of Heart of Gold
AchievementD1-2 Stairway to Heaven
Destroy all 4 Gateways within 30 minutes in level 1 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd1-3 Precious
Complete level 1 of Heart of Gold without losing any Sentinels
Achievementd1-4 Mother of Minions
Find and rescue all Neutral units in level 1 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd1-5 Mandalf the Marooned (hidden)
Allow Mandalf to respawn 8 times in level 1 of Heart of Gold

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