"The Summoning Stone" - Rhoad
Level Information
Campaign HoG
Level No 2
New aspects
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"The Wizard" - Murkmud "The Colossus" - Gilton

"The Summoning Stone" - Rhoad is the second mission in the Heart of Gold expansion.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Rhoad ... the route by which House Magnanimous once transported gold to the Empire. The surface was destroyed to dissuade invaders ... but we are invaders from below! Here we shall find the Summoning Stone!"

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Search for the stone to summon the Colossus.




Victory NarrationEdit

"Well done, Kasita. Rhoad crumbles beneath the wheels of your war machine... Now nothing stands between us and Mount Phaestus, where we shall amass the gold needed to reforge the Colossus... Onwards!"

Defeat NarrationEdit

"You are a ruin, like the old fortress of Rhoad itself. Try again, Underlord - find the stone to summon the Colossus."


AchievementD2-1 I Choose You
Complete level 2 of Heart of Gold
AchievementD2-2 Gotta Find 'Em All
Unlock all 12 artifacts in 40 minutes in level 2 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd2-3 Metal Gear
Complete level 2 of Heart of Gold without the Empire patrols discovering you
Achievementd2-4 Rhoadblock
Complete level 2 of Heart of Gold without allowing any Empire patrols to reach the end of the road
Achievementd2-5 When I Was a Young WartHoG (hidden)
Find the Artefact of Pigs in level 2 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd2-6 Nature’s Call
Defeat Lord Coleem in Heart of Gold

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