"The Heart of Gold" - Ikhor
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Campaign HoG
Level No 4
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"The Colossus" - Gilton Home Realm

"The Heart of Gold" - Ikhor is the fourth mission in the Heart of Gold expansion.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Ikhor ... the capital dungeon, deep beneath Mount Phaestus. A fitting tomb for this land. The Heart of Gold is near ... You can almost taste it, can't you, Kasita?"

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Command the Colossus and claim the Heart of Gold.




Victory NarrationEdit

"I leave you now, Kasita, with the golden hoardings of the land of Phaestus... Defend them with your life... for I shall accept nothing less than your life if they are purloined by the Empire. Now return home, and wield the Heart of Gold to sate your heart of gold..."

Defeat NarrationEdit

"This was meant to be the Empire’s tomb, not yours! Try again, Underlord - command the Colossus, and claim the Heart of Gold!"


AchievementD4-2 '
Achievementd4-3 Together Forever
Defeat every member of House Magnanimous
Achievementd4-4 Gauntlet
Defeat every member of House Magnanimous and complete level 4 of Heart of Gold without destroying any of the Gateways
Achievementd4-5 What Does it Mean? (hidden)
Find the Golden Democorn