"The Colossus" - Gilton
Level Information
Campaign HoG
Level No 3
New aspects
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"The Summoning Stone" - Rhoad "The Heart of Gold" - Ikhor

"The Colossus" - Gilton is the third mission in the Heart of Gold expansion.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Gilton ... the golden gateway of Mount Phaestus. How generous of them to mine out all that treasure! By this plentiful gold we shall reforge the Colossus, and force it to fight for us!"

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Gather gold to reforge the Colossus.




Victory NarrationEdit

"Excellent work, Kasita. Gilton no longer glitters, being the hollowed-out husk that it is. Their once-loyal Colossus clearly perceives the new order of things. I look forward to witnessing the Duke's face when his golden warrior marches into the capital dungeon! Onwards!"

Defeat NarrationEdit

"The Phaestians mined you into oblivion! Try again, Underlord - gather gold and reforge the Colossus!"


AchievementD3-1 Forging ahead
Complete level 3 of Heart of Gold
AchievementD3-2 Gold Rush
Gather 500,000 gold in 20 minutes in level 3 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd3-3 Monopoly
Stop the Empire from mining more than 100,000 gold before you complete the Colossus in level 3 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd3-4 Cash For Gold
Use the Blood Money spell 100 times in level 3 of Heart of Gold
Achievementd3-5 Sacré Bleu! (hidden)
Deposit all of Lord Saffire’s gold statues into the forge
Achievementd3-6 Art is Long, Life is Short
Defeat Lord Saffire in Heart of Gold

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